Waxing provides an unbeatable smooth. Whether you’re waxing your legs, eyebrows or bikini line, the end result of a good waxing is one that you know you can look forward to time and time again. If this is your first waxing experience, you may not think that the initial pain is worth ever experiencing again, but believe me, you will come back! In order to make sure that your first waxing experience goes as smoothly as desired, here are the rules that build the foundation of a good wax.

One of the most common things we see during a first wax is the lacy and fancy underwear. While a bikini wax is intended to provide you with the confidence it takes to strut your stuff in those gorgeous panties, it isn’t exactly the most comfortable after a wax. Wearing looser cotton panties that are breathable will make the drive home, all the better.

Before you go and get your wax, you need to let the hair grow out. In order for your wax to be successful you need roughly a half inch of hair. Doing this for the first couple of times will ensure that your wax is getting out all of the hair, but over time you will notice that your hair becomes more fine. Once that happens you can get it waxed without it having to be so long.

It’s easy to get lazy with certain things, but waxing is not one of the things you want to be lazy with. When you go in for your visit, ask your salon specialist how long you should wait before getting waxed again, and then schedule your appointment right there and then. Being consistent with your waxing will help keep the waxing process pain free and easy as you continue.

Now that you’re ready for your first wax, schedule an appointment with Salon Solutions. For more tips, tricks and guidance with your waxing session, feel free to check back on our blog consistently, or ask the salon specialist that works with you! We’re happy to share the secrets to achieving your most beautiful you.