The Ultimate Hair Texturing Service

Hair comes in a lot of different textures. It can be straight, wavy, curly and anything in between. The natural texture that you are born with isn’t something you have to live with, though. Maybe you are tired of managing your deep curl texture and long for something straight. Or maybe you are tired of your naturally straight hair just hanging there and wish it had a little more curl, body, and bounce. Whatever texture you wish your hair had, the experts at Salon Solutions can help you achieve. We use the latest methods and tried-and-true textures for hair texturing, delivering your dream results while keeping your hair healthy and happy.

Achieve the Perfect Texture

After an evaluation with one of our stylists, they’ll determine the best method for helping you achieve the hair texture you want. Some of our most popular treatment options include:

Keratin Treatments

Keratin treatments are perfect for smoothing out wavy or curly hair. It gently relaxes the hair, not just making it straighter but perfectly smooth. The hair is left shiny, healthy, and super manageable. It will even take less time to blow hair and be protected from the humidity!

Permanent Waves

If you’ve been dreaming of a little more curl in your life, this is the treatment for you. Our stylists can create a curly texture in your hair that looks natural and is easy to maintain. The end result will be the bouncy, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted!

Make an Appointment Today

Ready to make your hair texturing dreams come true? Book an appointment with one of our stylists today. You can give us a call or contact us through our website. We’re ready to get to work on providing you with the ultimate salon experience that results in the hair you’ve always dreamed of having!