jasmineJasmine – Colorist and Stylist

Hi! My name is Jasmine. I’m a stylist with 4+ years experience. I specialize in highlights, keratins, haircuts and bouncy blowouts!

I view hair as a beautiful form of self-expression, and I love any opportunity that I have to bring it to life! I’m here to help you recreate your vision or to help finally find the style that is just unapologetically your own.

I’m fascinated how my work can completely change not just how people look but also how they feel about themselves. Therefore, I constantly work on improving my skills, learning new techniques, experimenting and keeping myself up to date with current trends.

I believe in educating my clients on products and maintenance for their hair care needs, in order for them to maintain the achieved look from the chair to their home. I view my work as a form of art and I find so much joy in helping others feel and look their absolute best!