Joann – Master Colorist & Stylist

My passion for hair and people keep me motivated after 37 years in this business. I look forward to attending color/cutting classes as well as hair shows to keep a fresh mindset for my clients. It is exciting to learn from different artists in this business and be able to take that knowledge from them, blend them all together and utilize what I have learned. I am honored to say I am the eyes and hands of many talented people. My ability with precision cutting gives men and women predictable results time after time with longevity to a style that grows out beautifully until their next appointment. I am also creative and utilize many techniques such as freestyle texturizing for balance, razor cuts, and dry cutting.

I have been educated to listen to your needs and concerns, and respond with ability by providing professional techniques and services with only you in mind. My job is to service your needs and guide you to be reality based depending on the texture and porosity of your hair.

Keeping the integrity of your hair when I color or decolorize your hair is my number on focus. My goal for you is to be enhanced by your hair color and haircut rather than the color and cut being the first and only thing someone notices. My passion and experience equals your fabulous results.

~Joann Sardanelli