Every season brings new trends, and that’s the same case for hairstyles! This can be seen when people change their hair color from light to dark. One of the more popular ways to add some flare to your hairstyle without making drastic changes is by texturing your hair. Salon Solution in Toms River offers Keratin treatments that can minimize frizziness while adding nutrients and moisture. This isn’t the only method that you can use to add texture to your hair, our hair salon in Toms River offers a variety of products that can add to your hairstyle! Here are just a few of the top texturing trends this fall.

Sea Salt Spray

The messy look has effortlessly turned heads for years. With a sea salt spray you can enhance your hair’s natural wave. Sea salt spray helps provide the nice texture of a day spent at the beach, without actually having to spend hours in the ocean, even though that’s the best part, right? This spray provides quick texture and body!


Sea salt spray is a texturizer, but this focuses more on the creams, gels and dry sprays that allow for you to create that messy look just as well. Texturizers made with these thicker consistencies are better for thick hair or hair that has a hard time holding. If you have curly hair and you’re going for a messy and undone look without getting frizzy, these consistencies will hold much better. For individuals with thinner, or straight hair, there is now a dry texturizer spray that will add volume for a fuller look.
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