TylerTyler – Master Colorist & Stylist

Your hair is something that you probably first notice when you look at yourself in the mirror. Rest assured others are looking at your hair as well. My goal is to make your hair one of your greatest attributes and help you to fall in love with your hair again…are you ready for that to happen to you? I hope so because after our initial consultation, I can say with confidence I will formulate your personal Hair Solution to address any specific likes or dislikes you may have regarding your hair, and I will execute that vision with you for remarkable results.

I pride myself in listening to your Hair Concerns and Desires and discuss every option available to help you fall in love with your hair again.
My skills are constantly being challenged with every new client I work with daily, and I excel with excitement in every Cut and Color I do as this business is my Passion.
One of my strengths is connecting personally with you while creating the hair you vision and desire.

Our first visit together will be an introduction to the fabulous products that will help make your hair come alive with vibrancy as your hair becomes your number one attribute while always maintaining it and growing it into a healthier hair.

So girls…my only question I have left for you is….are you ready to fall in love with your hair again!